Teeny tiny stories

I’m still a little ambivalent about Twitter but I think it has potential as a creative writing platform even if mostly it is just somewhere people spout yet more self indulgent rubbish to people who aren’t listening and don’t give a shit. The 140 character format means conciseness is key and like a haiku could perhaps lead to a pared down beauty.

The idea of miniature <140 character stories is something I intend to experiment with anyway, and will be doing so using the hashtag #tinystory. If you’re a twerp why not join me? I’m aiming to do one every day or so and to periodically ‘anthologise’ (hah!) them here for non-twerps to comment on.

This is my first, as a taster:

A green eye looks through the keyhole and widens in shock. Secrets swirl around and settle on her shoulders.

Links to later posts:

Tiny Stories 1

5 thoughts on “Teeny tiny stories

  1. I’m on G+ not Twitter.
    Wondering about the secrets, are they friendly like a warm shawl on a cool evening – and we call this December (near Cape Town!), or menacing like an evil creature with claws.

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