Tiny stories – 1

I haven’t been writing my #tinystories as much as I had hoped, partly because I’ve been brain-busy at work (as opposed to hands-busy with brain free to think) and have simultaneously gone into one of my internet apathy phases where blogs, emails, forums and twitter just blur into one wall of chattering text and I just avoid the glaring electronic mess of it all. From experience it’ll pass soon, probably over the holiday.

Having said all that I’ve enjoyed the few I have done. So far I’m not sure I’ve succeeded in cramming an entire story into one tweet (is it even possible?) but rather I tend to home in on the turning point of a story and just hint at what came before and what after, so the reader has to project the story onto it, which is fun because each reader will have their own interpretation to an even greater extent than with normal stories.

So here we go….


She held the truth tightly and yet gently as if it were the most precious and delicate and painful jewel.


Fourteen men stood to condemn her. She bowed her head but silently vowed to see the bloated hypocrites regret their betrayal.


Unease sloshed in her stomach. The certainty of what her boss was to say skittered as she tried to breathe. She opened the door.


A green eye looks through the keyhole and widens in shock. Secrets swirl around and settle on her shoulders.


Copyright © Elizabeth Cutts December 2011

3 thoughts on “Tiny stories – 1

    1. Thanks! Twitter can be fun but I probably don’t use it enough to really get the most from it. I read once ‘Twitter makes you want to have a beer with strangers where Facebook makes you want to punch your friends’ which made me laugh.

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