Poetry Please?

I don’t read poetry often. Is that a shocking admission for someone who writes poetry and has an English Lit degree? I don’t call myself a poet but still, maybe I should be reading it more? Certainly anyone who wants to improve at writing poetry needs to read it and see it performed.

Just in case it’s passed you by, it’s National Poetry Day and in the interest of spreading the poetry related joy about I’ve gathered together a few links:

Carol Rumens has a Poem of the Week feature on the Guardian website. She was one of my creative writing lecturers at uni (I was a lucky sod).

Poetry Foundation has a database of poems to peruse.

The Poetry Society is a charity promoting poetry.

Matthew Plumb is a poet and tree surgeon who I saw performing at a Pagan storytelling event and he was amazing. A great performer with that genuine love of words which gives poetry a rich lustre.

Robin Herne is a friend of mine, an author and storyteller. His book ‘Bard Song’ is a collection of poetry and a how-to guide for creating sacred Pagan poetry. Given his approach it would be useful for anyone wanting to explore a variety of poetic forms. He has made Youtube videos of some of his storytelling and poetry.

Does anyone have any useful resources or amazing poets to add?


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