No NaNo

Every year I start a thought process sometime in September and every year it’s pretty much the same as the year before. It goes something like this…

“Maybe I should give NaNoWriMo a try this year?

-But you could never average that many words a day; a 500 word day is a good one for you.

But have I ever really tried? Have I ever really pushed it?

-You get up at 6am and get home from work about 6pm (depending on the traffic), your work day is often physically demanding and you don’t usually have enough energy to cook a proper meal on a weekday. Where are you going to find the energy?

I could find the time. After all I do very little most evenings. Play computer games, read, shower, lounge about, do a smidgen of writing, maybe knit a bit.

-The time, yes, probably. What about the energy?

Drugs? I don’t know maybe you have a point. Caffeine?

-There is not enough caffeine in the world.

You’re a spoilsport and a downer and I hate you.

-I am you. And that’s the other thing. What would you say to yourself if you didn’t succeed at NaNo?

I dunno I’d probably accept failing, it’s a really silly sized target after all.


Ok, don’t look at me like that.”

Every year I grudgingly come to the conclusion that NaNo is a really bad idea for me. Like, really bad idea, man. It would be a black bin liner of inevitable failure and the self-hatred that comes along with that.

Does it follow that I should avoid writing goals entirely? Probably not, so going into November I’ve set myself some goals.


I have an idea for a series of detective stories set in a fantasy universe (Who goes around figuring out the shenanigans of Locke Lamora? Ever wonder if there was a Sherlock Holmes in Rivendell? Surely someone investigates the crime in Dagoska?) and need to do some serious worldbuilding and character sketching before I can even think about plotting. Once I’ve got my world a little firmer round the edges I’ll write a couple of short stories set there, with the main characters, as something of a play test.

Goal 1: Have world and character building completed to the point I can set a story there. Put a short story up on this blog by New Year.


I have a handful of short stories finished and ready to submit, plus one or two that need editing and polishing.

Goal 2: Get those suckers out for submission. Enter them in competitions. Whatever. Don’t leave them in the drawer. Deadline: End of November.


Write a bit every day. OK, nearly every day because shit happens and I don’t need to hate myself more.

Goal 3: Write on at least 6/7 days a week until the Christmas holiday starts.


So there we go, some goals.

~Warily pokes goals with stick.~

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