So how am I doing on those writing goals I set myself in my post on saying No to NaNoWriMo?

Well, I’ve kept up with ensuring I write 6/7 days a week and have nearly finished the first draft of a long-short detective story set in the fantasy city of Blackstone. I wonder if I can get it finished for New Year? I guess we’ll see. One of my problems is that this stupid character insists on being called James even though this is a world with characters called Cria, Lana, Dian and Kalen. James? Really? Get back in your box mi laddio and do what I say. Anyone else have characters that get stubborn? Or is it just me?

As for submitting stories by the end of November? Well, I did one but the others have languished so that’s a fail, fail, fail. Bugger.

Update: I haven’t abandoned my plan for a short story posted on this blog, however the long-short I mention in this post grew another head and is blatantly transmogrifying into at least a novella, the bastard. So I have put that to one side for a little while and am working on a properly short short story which I began just before Christmas (and the accompanying gastroenteritis – it was truly a joyous holiday) and I’m now whipping it around the park a few times until it’s in decent shape and then I’ll post it, I promise. Better late than never and all that.

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