I’m a writer currently being carefully cultivated by a professional gardener who does battle with brambles and adverbs in Derbyshire in the UK. My current project is a victorian gothic mystery novel set in a mansion on the East Anglian coast.

A victorian grandmother has a tight, malevolent grip on her household and now people have started to die. Can Violet and Leo excise the evil from the heart of Leo’s family tree?

On my back burner is detective story set in a fantasy world.

The dark fingers of Lana’s past scratch at her heels but she must work with Cria, Blackstone City’s newest Truthseeker, to tease out the truth about a series of strange murders amongst the alleys and cliffs of the city.

I’ve written a short story in this setting which you can read for free here:  The Hanged Man

You can find the rest of my short stories and some poetry in the menu at the top of the page. If you have any feedback to give me it would be welcome.

You can follow me or contact me on twitter @libbycutts

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