I’m Libby, a professional gardener cultivating my inner writer as I do battle with brambles and adverbs in Derbyshire. I like fiction with flavour, non-fiction with chewy bits and mostly write the dark with a touch of the bittersweet.

At the head of my genre queue is crime, with horror and gothic lurking behind it. SF/F and literary fiction peer over their shoulders desperate not to be forgotten. My non-fiction queue is full of historians, true crime, writers writing about writing and, now-and-again, popular science.

I am currently writing a crime thriller set in postwar East Anglia and have been lucky enough to be selected to present it at the Pitch Perfect Event at Bloody Scotland 2019.

The Mere

Esme’s life has been stark and lonely. Thirty years ago, having lost her fiancé in the Great War, she moved to a village in East Anglia. When a new face arrives the other villagers shun him. In her unworldliness Esme doesn’t understand their objections and befriends Peter, who is also lonely, wounded by a recent grief. He recognises the darkness she has sensed among the quaint cottages all these years and reassures her it is real. When a woman goes missing and a young man is found dead, they cannot stand by and let the evil go unchallenged.

I am also looking for an agent to represent my Victorian era mystery novel.

The Bitter Tower

Violet wed her best friend Leonard Bartlett in a marriage of convenience, and shortly after arriving to a chilly welcome at the family mansion, she finds herself face to face with the dead body of her father-in-law, Sir Edward, head of the loveless Bartlett household. Strongly suspecting that Sir Edward has been poisoned and knowing that no one will believe her, Violet sets out to uncover the truth, hoping to free Leonard from the secrets that have bound him to his toxic family for so long – but the truth can do irreparable harm. Sometimes, it can even kill.

In other projects, I’m planning another Violet and Leonard novel, writing short stories and doing various writing courses. You can find stories and poetry in the menu at the top of the page.

You can follow me or contact me on twitter @libbycutts

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